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Discover Bike Right - KIDS CYCLING CLINIC

  • 9
  • March


  • 15:00

  • 10
  • March


  • 18:00

Doha Festival City Bike Track

Umm Salal MohamedŲŒ Doha

Discover Bike Right

Experience the benefits of cycling as a lifestyle & sport!


Discover Bike Right - KIDS CYCLING CLINIC


Event Details

About –  Introducing kids to the joy of cycling and educating them about bike safety and feeling comfortable to ride. It includes the foundations of cycling which includes the essential skills. It will help them develop a positive, safe, and active habit.

For who? We offer two sessions for kids, one for 7-12 years (15:00-16:15) and the other for 13+ years (16:30-17:45). Children should be able to cycle on their own (with or without stabilising wheels). Please note they will need to bring their own bikes & helmets.

Type of bicycles: Kids bikes (incl. mountain bikes, BMX, trail bikes) *if you only have a road bike let us know and we can tailor the session for you.

The clinics consist of 2 sessions over the course of 2 days - Fri. 9 March and Sat. 10 March

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to cycle and be comfortable on your bike
  • Correct bike set up and positioning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Braking, Pedalling and Gear Selection (if applicable)
  • Having (extra) fun on the bike!


Short descriptions of the sessions but not limited to:

Session 1 (Friday) – 1,5hrs

-       Bike safety checks

-       Correct bike set up and positioning

-       Braking

-       Mount and dismounting

-       Correct pedalling techniques

-       Cycling gear and clothing

Session 2 (Saturday) – 1,5hrs

-       Balance and coordination

-       Gear selections and accelerating