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Discover Bike Right - Intermediate & Advance Cycling Clinic

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  • April


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  • April


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QCF Huts outside Losail International Circuit

QCF Huts,Losail International Circuit Road

Discover Bike Right

Experience the benefits of cycling as a lifestyle & sport!


Discover Bike Right - Intermediate & Advance Cycling Clinic


Event Details

This cycling clinic is a 2 days course (i.e. you need to attend both days):

Fri. 15:00-18:00 – 3 hours session

Sat. 15:00-18:00 – 3 hours session

About – This clinic will help you develop advance riding skills and ride strategies which will help you to gain the knowledge and achieve the confidence to ride smarter.

For who? For riders that would like to advance their skills and ride strategies.Participants should be comfortable riding on their bikes and in a group at a moderate to fast pace.

Short descriptions of the sessions but not limited to:

Session 1 (Friday) – 3hrs

-       Bike safety checks (refresher)

-       Correct bike set up and positioning (refresher)

-       Advanced balance and coordination skills

-       Advance bike handling skills

Session 2 (Saturday) – 3hrs

-       Cornering

-       Climbing tips (better and faster – theory)

-       Sprinting and attacking (including tips for racing)

-       Group riding (drafting and pace lining skills)